How to distinguish the curing speed of various accelerators?

Due to different types of rubber, the same accelerator has different effects on the vulcanization of different rubber, so the vulcanization system of rubber should be reasonably selected. Therefore, it is necessary to have an accurate understanding of the vulcanization speed of the accelerator when designing the formula. The vulcanization speed of the accelerator M to NR is regarded as the quasi-over-speed level, as a standard to distinguish the vulcanization speed of various accelerators. Those that are faster than accelerator M belong to overspeed or super overspeed level, and those that are slower than accelerator M belong to slow or medium speed level.

Level 5 curing rate of accelerator

1. Super overspeed accelerator

① Product category: dithiocarbamate, xanthate

② Main products: EZ, BZ, PZ, ZBEC, PX, ZIP, ZBX, ZEX, DIP, xanthates are vulcanized faster than dithiocarbamates.

2. Overspeed accelerator

① Product category: Thiuram

② Main products: TMTD, TMTM, TBzTD, TIBTD, TRA, DDTS, TETD

The positive vulcanization time of NR at 140 ℃ is several minutes.

3. Quasi-speed accelerator

① Product category: thiazole, hyposulphonamide

② Main products: M, DM, MZ, MDB, CZ, NS, DZ, NOBS, TBSI, etc. The positive curing time of NR at 140 ℃ is about 30 minutes.

4. Medium speed accelerator

① Product category: guanidine

② Main products: DPG, DOTG, TPG. It takes about 60 minutes for NR to reach positive vulcanization at 140 ℃.

5. Slow accelerator

① Product category: thiourea, aldehyde amine

② Main products: ETU, DETU, DBTU, DPTU, H, etc. The time for positive vulcanization of NR at 140 ℃ is about 90-120 minutes.

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