What are the application scope of accelerator M?

1. Curing accelerator

Accelerator m is a universal rubber vulcanization accelerator, a semi-super accelerator, which can be used alone or mixed with other accelerators. It has a rapid promoting effect on natural rubber and general sulfur vulcanized synthetic rubber.

2. Accelerator matrix

Accelerator m is the parent material of most hyposulphonamide accelerants, and is a widely used organic intermediate synthesis accelerator NOBS, Ds, Ns, cz, D1Bs, Dz, Mz (2-mercaptobenzothiazole zinc salt), DM, TBsli Ⅳ - tert-butyl-bis (2-benzothiazole) hyposulphonylamine], cBBs [Ⅳ - cyclohexyl-bis (2-benzothiazole) hyposulphonamide], etc., which are all close to the development of small liter accelerant m. The quality and output of accelerator m are directly related to the development of rubber.

3. Chemical plasticizer

In the rubber molding process, a small amount of accelerator m is added to form a loose complex structure with sulfur, which plays a role in improving the rubber plasticity, rapidly reducing the Mooney viscosity of rubber, and can speed up the plastic rate of raw rubber, reduce the plastic energy consumption, shorten the plastic time, and greatly improve the plastic efficiency.

4. Metal corrosion inhibitor

Accelerator m can also effectively prevent the corrosion of metal products ". In various media, especially in water, metal corrosion is often prevented by adding corrosion inhibitors, which is of great significance to the protection of cultural relics. At present, it has been confirmed that benzoazoles and some heterocyclic compounds, such as accelerator m, 2-mercaptobenzimidazole and 2-mercaptobenzozole, are effective corrosion inhibitors for copper.

5. Mineral flotation agent

Another use of accelerator m is as a mineral flotation agent. It is mainly used as a capture agent for flotation of sulfide ores such as silver, chalcopyrite, galena, pyrite and activated sphalerite. Sometimes it is mixed with dithioamino acid salt, which can further improve the yield and grade of flotation products.

6. Resin modifier

Accelerator m can also be used to modify epoxy resin. Adding a small amount of accelerator m into the epoxy resin can significantly improve the adhesive strength and curing rate of the epoxy resin, and has the effect of significantly reducing the reaction temperature and shortening the curing reaction time. Moreover, the larger the accelerator m is, the faster the curing rate is. This function has important guiding significance for rapid industrial repair, especially online industrial repair.

7. Initiator

Accelerator m can act as an initiator, improve the degree of polymerization of styrene, narrow the distribution of relative molecular weight of the polymer, and the relative molecular weight of the polymer increases linearly with the increase of conversion, showing that styrene has "active" and controllable polymerization characteristics in the presence of accelerator m. This has certain guiding significance for the preparation of special materials in the FRP industry, especially in the aerospace industry.

8. Precious metal extractant

As an extractant, accelerator m is mainly used for the separation of rhodium and iridium from noble metal. The coordination of the lone electron Yiding on the sulfur and nitrogen atoms in the butyl promoter m molecule with the precious metals can solve the problem that rhodium and iridium are difficult to separate.

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