Main properties of rubber antioxidant

As a highly trusted rubber antioxidant enterprise in the industry, our company's technical personnel personally explained the main properties of rubber antioxidant to Xiaobian. The small editor is based on the master's explanation. Here is a brief introduction

1. Antioxidant DTPD has anti-ozone, anti-bending and anti-cracking properties similar to rubber antioxidant 4010NA and 4020, far better than antioxidant A and D.

2. The antioxidant DTPD has good long-term performance, especially when used with antioxidant 4020 or 4010NA1:1, which is the best anti-ozone system for improving the service life of wheel rubber. The reason is that the two types of phenylenediamine have synergistic effect. The antioxidant 4020 or 4010NA provides necessary short-term protection in the early stage, while the rubber antioxidant DTPD plays a long-term protection role.

3. Because one or two solubilizing genes are introduced into the benzene ring on both sides of the molecular structure of rubber antioxidant DTPD, its solubility in rubber is greatly increased, and its frost resistance is also much lower, allowing a large amount of it in the rubber compound.

4. Due to its low alkalinity, the antioxidant DTPD has no effect on vulcanization and scorching, especially because its metal toxicity is the strongest among the phenylenediamine antioxidants, and its protective effect lasts the longest time. It is especially suitable for the application of heavy-duty tires, off-road tires, various radial tires and bias tires with harsh service conditions.

5. Antioxidant DTPD can also completely change the defect that the appearance of tires with antioxidant 4010NA and 4020 turns red. At present, many large foreign companies are actively developing this product to replace the antioxidant 4010NA, which has been widely used in bias tire and radial tire in China, and is widely welcomed by the tire and rubber processing industry, and has great application prospects.

We will continue to actively develop market-oriented high-quality products, follow the trend of the world's automation development, strive to attract high-quality talents with both ability and integrity, fully implement standardized and high-standard management mode, so that our users are satisfied, our friends are pleased, and our employees are proud!

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