Introduction of rubber accelerator predispersed masterbatch - review of the development trend of green rubber additives

Pre-dispersion of rubber additives has been put forward since the 1940s, and industrial production began in the 1980s. Large-scale industrial production began in the mid-1990s, and it was slowly recognized after 2003. At that time, there were only a few foreign-funded factories in China. Until 2008, domestic factories began to build and gradually increase.

1、 Why is predispersion of rubber additives a development trend?

Rubber additives are chemicals that bring high added value to rubber products and can reduce costs. However, the traditional rubber additives not only produce a large amount of dust and toxic and harmful gases during use, which brings great harm to the environment and the health of operators, but also have poor compatibility with rubber and are difficult to disperse evenly, affecting its use effect.

2、 Definition of predispersion of rubber additives

Pre-dispersion of rubber additives, also known as rubber additive mother rubber particles. Pre-dispersed rubber additives are based on polymers (generally EPDM, SBR, NBR, EVA) as carriers, adding rubber additives and softeners, and pre-dispersing traditional rubber additives into polymers through special processes to obtain uniform pre-dispersion (extrusion granulation) of a certain concentration. Pre-dispersed rubber additives are the upgrading products of traditional rubber additives. They have the advantages of dust-free, easy dispersion, suitable for automatic weighing and automatic continuous low-temperature mixing, improving mixing efficiency, and good storage stability. They are increasingly valued by the industry and have been widely used in rubber products.

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